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Why I am a Lover, Not a Fighter


I woke up to the news that David Bowie has died. Like many, I am shocked and deeply saddened.It’s reported that he died “after an 18 month battle with cancer.” There’s that War metaphor again. What other illness do we apply this analogy? It’s rare to hear that someone is battling heart disease or diabetes or alzheimer’s. I believe this metaphor started when President Nixon declared the War on Cancer in 1971.

When it comes to cancer, I am a Lover not a Fighter. Don’t get me wrong. I want nothing more than a cure for all cancers. It’s just that I don’t like what the battle analogy implies for those of us diagnosed with the disease. If I die from cancer, have I lost the fight? Maybe  I am as sore loser. Maybe not. Maybe I just don’t like fighting. It’s exhausting. I’d rather focus on living and loving life.

I’ll keep this blog entry short today. David Bowie and all those who have passed after being diagnosed with cancer are on my mind. You have not lost the fight. You are still alive in my heart.

With Love,


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